New Patients

Most people who arrive in my office for an initial session do so with some anxiety and apprehension. Understanding this, I make every effort to create an atmosphere in the first session that is relaxed and conversational. Toward the end of the first session, I usually provide some feedback about how I might be helpful and will collaborate with you in creating a therapeutic relationship that best fits your needs and situation.

Fee-setting, frequency of sessions, and scheduling are also addressed in the consultation process. You can use out-of-network benefits for partial reimbursement of our sessions. I can also work with you on a sliding-scale fee if that feels more comfortable. 

In rare instances, I conclude that I am not the best match for a particular client’s needs. When this happens I always provide referrals to other professionals and institutes who might be better able to help you.

Throughout the process, I encourage you to share any moments of distress, confusion, or apprehension that might arise, as talking about those unsettling moments can often prove pivotal in fostering a forthright and effective therapeutic partnership.