Whether you have never set foot in a therapist’s office or have long experience there, I hope this site will prove useful to you. In many respects, those of us living today inhabit a golden age of psychotherapy, with a diverse array of approaches and a deep reservoir of knowledge that allows clinicians to do effective work with an ever-wider range of issues. 

At the core, however, therapy remains about stories: those we express behaviorally, those that play out in our relationships, and those that envelop us, like a second skin, starting in childhood. Opening up those stories in the intimacy of a therapist’s office, allowing another person access to them — to their animating beliefs, their struggles and loneliness — is a hopeful act, but also one that entails a fair degree of vulnerability. For this reason, the personal dynamic between therapist and patient remains crucial.

Quite simply, psychotherapy is about conversations. The conversations we have with ourselves and with others. We often try so many different tactics to live happier more fulfilling lives, and we come to realize that they aren't always enough. A therapeutic conversation is based on an open and genuine collaboration between client and therapist; a relationship built on trust, honesty, and understanding. As the foundation for good therapeutic work, it's essential to feel comfortable and cared for. I hope to provide this conversation.